Best Gear For Travel

Some of these are brands I swear by and have used for years and some products are new to me this year but I love them enough to recommend them.  The one thing I can guarantee you is these are all items I use. Granted – I’m a female, so this list is geared more for the female traveler, but don’t let that discourage you – most of it applies to both genders!

Favorite Travel Bags For Checking Luggage

I told you I love my Eagle Creek gear and this No Matter What Flatbed 32 Suitcase  suitcase is one of my greatest loves! I’ve been using this suitcase/duffle now for 4 solid years.  It goes everywhere with me. Why I like it: There are no bells and whistles or special compartments – it’s just basic – and that’s what keeps it light and versatile. You can fit a TON into it when you have to. The material is durable, waterproof, and lightweight. I use Eagle Creek packing cubes and organizers to keep everything organized in the bag and it works perfectly for a long term traveler!

Awesome Daypacks for urban or adventure hiking

I use the Lowepro Photo Sport as my primary carry on bag and put all of my expensive photo and computer equipment in it as I refuse to check those things for obvious reasons.  This is truly a hiking daypack for photographers – but when I’m traveling I use the back section that normally holds a water bladder for my 13 in Macbook Pro and it works great. Why I Like It:  This is a great solution for the truly active photographer who needs a bit of hiking and photography gear.  I’ve always been on the lookout for a good camera backpack that was part proper day pack and part Pro camera gear holder. I finally found it in the Lowepro Photo Sport!! I am able to bring my camera plus 2 additional lenses, a Gopro and accessories with me easily and it’s has easy access to the gear.  From a hiking standpoint it’s a great daypack, I was able to pack in rain gear, extra socks, snacks and a water bladder. Plus it has an easy way to carry hiking poles.

Favorite Handbags That Transform For Travel

A camera bag that looks and acts like a purse…yes there is such a thing!  I started using the  Lowepro Passport Sling III a couple of years ago and now it goes everywhere with me.  I love things that have dual uses when I travel.  This is a photography bag, but it’s also a nice purse.  Why I Like It:  It looks and acts like a purse but it’s much more than that!  I can fit in my small mirrorless camera plus an extra lens and filters. Plus I bring my wallet and other essential purse items. It actually expands and I can even fit my 13 inch MacBook Pro in it too with a little jiggling around of items! So it’s perfect to take out exploring a town and you can actually carry everything with you if you need to.  I use this as my ‘small/personal item’ carry-on when I fly and can fit a bunch of stuff in it!  It might not work for a fancy night on the town, but it’s a great all purpose travel bag for the photo enthusiast!

Packing Essentials

The Pack-It Specter Tech™ Starter Set is an ultra lightweight packing solution. These ultra-light packing organizers organize and compress the contents of your travel bag. Packing organizers are the key to packing happiness – they turn your bag into a piece of furniture. I use mine to organize my different types of clothes, just like I would a dresser; one has t-shits, one has pants, one has sweaters. You get the idea – it’s packing bliss. I use and love Eagle Creek packing solutions. Not only do they keep me organized, but you can’t even imagine how much more I can fit into a suitcase or bag thanks to these!