Famous Movies Shot in the Seneries of Europe

Always wanted to visit Hollywood but I never got the opportunity to visit there.ther are many best place to visit in the Sceneries of Europe.we will bring you the list of some Famous Movies Shot in the Sceneries of Europe that you have seen in different movies such as mission impossible and Skyfall etc, lets take a step towards some awesome movie shots places which will like to visit in future.

1.Klis Fortress and Diocletian’s Palace

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This palace is one of the most beautiful places in Europe which located in a hilly area overlooking the city of split near to the city of Meereen, from there you can take abuse 22 or  35 km from the split center.Klis Fortress is not only famous for movie shots but is also famous for the Diocletian’s Palace it is the place for depicting the streets of Meereen where you served a room.

2.Oxford University

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Another awesome place for movie shot is Oxford University, this English university was chosen as the location for popular movie shooting Harry potter and there are also many movies shooting has been done in Oxford University in Europe. Let me let some particular place in oxford university in which harry porter scenes have been shot ex- the “forbidden” library scenes, the Cloister of Christ Church scenes where harry was seeking in his blood, and Tudor Great Dining hall all this was actually in the movie.

If you want to visit Oxford University you need to pay an admission fee and the tickets can be booked online.


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Glencoe which is famous for its freshness and the Skyfall. It is the place was James Bond’s house is located, one should visit Glencoe which will be worth it if you are a big fan of movie scenes because the scenery is breathtaking with beautiful nature, big mountains and deep blue sky are all you need for an unforgettable experience.


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Prague and the Medieval town always have been famous for its filming scenes when it comes to Hollywood. The most famous movie Mission Impossible was shot in Prague. The National Museum is also located on Wenceslas Square, the museum was used n film “interior” of the U.S embassy in Prague.

So the above-mentioned point is the most Famous Movies Shot in the Sceneries of Europe. If you are a big fan movie places and also love to visit many places then I suggest you should visit these places. Thank you for reading our content hope you like it.