Finding Co-Working Spaces for Your Business

Startup companies who hire interns now have to be more creative than ever. In order to make the most of their independent business endeavors, many businesses that hire interns are now turning to co-working.

But what exactly is co-working? It’s a new concept that allows people to “plug in” at an office facility when working from home or from your local coffee shop just doesn’t cut it. Co-working is a way to build a productive environment for you and your interns. Especially if you hire interns, co-working is a way to organize your professional life and make your business more productive.

After scouring cities in co-working hotspots such as Atlanta, Austin and San Francisco, here is a list of some of the best places to begin your co-working experience.


Strongbox West – Strongbox West is a collaborative co-working space that makes its claim to be ‘part office, part inspiration, and part hub’. Its innovative and inviting workspace has created a co-working space for the modern professional that is conducive to growth and development. Strong Box places a strong emphasis on social interaction and networking. The front page of their web site features Twitter feeds from members of the space, and there is also a directory that lists members’ specialties and their contact information. Atlanta interns can both maximize their productivity and find other like-minded professionals to network with. The building has free, private parking, and also offers amenities such as a full kitchen, Sirius satellite radio, and a lounge with TV and gaming privileges. All memberships are offered on a month-to-month basis.

151 Locust – 151 Locust is innovation at its best. The comfy, laidback space is an example of modern transformation at its best. The co-working space is located in the oldest home in the Avondale Estates neighborhood. It was transformed from an old farmhouse to an upbeat, sophisticated, modern workspace that still allows for some of the comforts of home. 151 Locust is perfect for the Atlanta startup company looking for a quiet balance of bustling business opportunities with a suburban tranquil appeal. The space consists of shared and private workstations, with 2 conference rooms, a break room, and large LCD screens in conference rooms. There are 4 membership options available, and Unlimited Plus and Premium members enjoy 24/7 access to the facility. Administrative services are complimentary to Premium members. There is also a member directory page that lists the profile information of 151 Locust members.

Austin: – In the true spirit of the Austin eclectic culture, Conjunctured offers Austin startups a place to let their creative spirits fly. Led by a community of technologists, the co-working space is a creative working environment geared towards facilitating the growth of Austin startups and creative business professionals. The founders of Conjunctured aimed to create a fun, pleasurable experience with a constant exchange of dialogue between founders and members. The space has a coffee-shop type vibe, and comfy common areas that make the workday more enjoyable. Austin startup companies looking for an authentic community experience are sure to walk away with one of the best networking experiences in the co-working environment. As Austin’s very first co-working space, Conjunctured aims to forge valuable connections that allow members to collaborate on projects together.

Cospace – Cospace offers Austin businesses that hire interns a place to boost their levels of creativity by interacting with other like-minded professionals. The flexible workspace aims to capitalize on the creative, innovative spirit that makes Austin unique. Interaction and participation in community events is strongly encouraged in order to maximize your co-working experience. Cospace offers a myriad of options for independent professionals looking to expand their horizons. The multi-use space located in the Lamar Gateway Plaza offers community workspaces, private desks, private offices, and meeting room space.

San Francisco:

Parisoma – Parisoma is the ultimate envy of San Francisco interns looking for a cool place to work with killer atmosphere. Members of Parisoma are sure to be motivated in their inviting workspaces. Their Innovation Loft is expanding to over 10,000 square feet of space, and includes a large open workspace, 7 private offices, 2 meeting rooms, and a large wood floor mezzanine.

What makes Parisoma so unique is its International network of professionals. It has strong connections to France and Europe, and offers interns in San Francisco a way to maximize their networking experience and wow their employers. The Parisoma co-working workspace is not only a gorgeous building, but it’s also in a perfect location. It is located just a few blocks from the Civic Center, BART, and Van Ness Muni stops.

Sandbox Suites – Their online resources allow you to reserve space, arrange for a free tour of their facilities, and book a free trial. Sandbox Suites has three locations for San Francisco startups to take advantage of: SOMA, Union Square, and Berkeley. The price for co-working membership includes access to all locations at no extra cost. An added bonus to the pricing is that membership is on a month-to-month basis; perfect for a temporary setup during a summer internship. They offer a variety of membership options ranging from the most basic to the top tier of membership with all the bells and whistles.

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